A Roadmap For Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle – Part One

Today I want to talk about something REALLY important that doesn’t get talked about enough by other experts and gurus.

How to design your ideal lifestyle.

So many times I find in business, in life and most things, we don’t actually take the time to think about what it is we want.

And what I found is that as soon as you actually really stop to think about it and get clear and make it specific, measurable and tangible, you end up achieving it!

That’s why it’s so important to do this – because otherwise, you’re working hard, but for what?

You’ve got to consciously create your ideal lifestyle. If not, it simply won’t happen by accident.

So in this two-part series, I want to give you a complete roadmap for doing exactly that – creating your ideal lifestyle.

This isn’t based on fluff or hype. This is stuff I’ve actually done and learned from my mentors and some very successful people.

Alright, you ready?

Let’s get started!

How to Design Your Ideal Lifestyle, Step By Step

One of the very first things I realized when I got my first “real” job, was that it’s SO important to get crystal clear about what you want and what you don’t want.

And part of what we’re going to do in this two-part series is help you do that.

Step 1 – Make a List Of All The Things You DON’T Want

Before we get to the fun stuff, start by taking out a piece of paper and write down exactly what you do NOT want anymore. This is SOOOOO important to figure out, because you don’t want to have this stuff in your ideal day-to-day life. Maybe you don’t want to work for someone else. Maybe you want to get rid of credit card debt. Maybe you’re tired of telling people “yes” when you really want to say “no.”

Whatever it is for you, make a list!

Step 2 – Make a List Of All The Things You DO Want

What are the things you value most? What do you want your perfect day to look like?

Grab another sheet of paper and make a new list for this one. You want to get super clear and make these items specific, measurable, and tangible.

We won’t go super in-depth on this here in this post, but you could even rank these in terms of what you value the most, which is also a really good thing to do as well any time you’re creating values and designing your ideal lifestyle.

So be sure to make a note of all that.

Step 3 – Block Out Your Free Time & Vacation Time

Grab a calendar and block out the days, weeks, or months you want to have free or take a vacation.

It’s SO important to do this first before you start scheduling obligations and responsibilities.

This gives you things to look forward to and it helps you work when it’s time to work and then play, when it’s time to play. There aren’t any “grey” zones where you’re thinking about going on vacation while you’re working and thinking about work when you’re supposed to be having fun.

Make sense?

Step 4 – Create A Set Schedule

Another important aspect of designing your ideal lifestyle is to create a set schedule for yourself.

I’m such a big believer that what gets scheduled gets done. And if you want to create your ideal lifestyle, you really got to schedule it out.

Now, if you’re a planner type person, this probably comes naturally and easy to you.

And if you’re not, if you’re a bit more of like a free-flowing person, I encourage you to just take a stab at scheduling things as much as you can into your life because it will create natural boundaries for you, and it’ll create those time blocks, and you’ll be far more effective and productive.

Just remember that – what gets scheduled gets done. This way you have clear boundaries like we talked about earlier, where you know when it’s time to work and when it’s time to rejuvenate and have fun.

And be sure to put “in” whatever it is you want as part of your ideal lifestyle. Can you guess why?

That’s right – what gets scheduled, gets done.

Step 5 – Theme Out Your Days

This next step is something I learned from one of the best business coaches out there, Dan Sullivan.

He encourages us to theme our days of the week. So for example, you might have a focus day, where all you do is focus on high-value work. Then you might have buffer days, which is when you take time to plan, strategize, and “catch up” on any stuff that’s outstanding.

And finally, of course, you have free days. That’s where you go and do one of your hobbies or something that really juices you.

This is a great way to take your schedule and “chunk it” at a higher level, which makes you more effective and frees us a lot more of your time to do whatever you want.

Step 6 – Get Inspiration From Others

Get to know other successful people and see what their lifestyle is like, how they do things, etc.

Remember, you are who you surround yourself with.

I’m always on the lookout for what are some of the things other people are doing?

How are they doing it? Why are they doing it?

Can I get some inspiration from that and incorporate it into my life?

I’ve found that when you’re isolated and you’re just trying to figure everything out on your own, well, you’re going to be kind of limited. But when you see other people doing awesome things and you can take some of that and bring it into your own life, it’s just very, very inspiring, and that’s one of the best ways to see what’s possible.

For example, one inspiration for me is my mentor and business partner, Eben.

At one point, he had a place in Miami and New York.

I didn’t think you could have two places, but he did.

And it’s why at one point, I also had two places here in Vancouver – my office and then where I live. The only reason I was able to do that, was because I was what’s possible and was inspired by seeing Eben’s lifestyle.

Alright, we’ll stop right here.

Stay tuned for “part two” of this series, where I’ll give you the next steps to creating your ideal lifestyle.

And make sure to do the steps! This is your life we’re talking about here. So it’s worth taking the time to do it.



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