How To Attract A Steady, Predictable Stream of Clients and Customers…

Once you launch your business, one of the biggest things you’ll need to learn how to do is to land paying clients and customers.

This is the critical stage of your transition from employee to entrepreneur…

Because if you can’t land a steady stream of clients, you won’t be in business very long.

Unfortunately, most people go about this the wrong way.

They think they have to get their name “out there.” They think they need fancy business cards and a pretty website that showcases their product or service and tells the world how great it is.

This is a BIG mistake.

In fact, to succeed in the game of business and client-attraction, you’ve got to master MARKETING.

And like I said, most people hear the word ‘marketing’ and they think marketing is about bragging about yourself or “convincing” someone to buy your product.

It’s not. 

Far from it. Your marketing is not about convincing, selling, or bragging. It’s simply about communication…

Your goal is to communicate that you can meet your customer’s needs.

You talk about how you can help solve your prospective client’s problems… bring them relief… and give them the outcome or transformation they want.

And ultimately, it’s all about promising to fulfill the selfish need of your customer – and then building a reputation that makes good on that promise.

The Two “Kinds” Of Marketing You Can Do-
And Why It Matters To Your Success

Now before you run out and start marketing yourself, your products, or your services, you’ve got to understand that there are several main approaches to marketing.

That said, we can roughly break them down into two different types.

They are:

  1. Response Marketing. The goal is to get people to respond and take a specific action – whether that’s to fill out a form, click a link, leave a comment, or buy whatever it is you’re offering.
  2. Reputation Marketing.  Also called “branding,” the goal here is to get customers to remember your brand and think of you when they’re ready to buy.

Most entrepreneurs starting out go with Reputation Marketing. They see big, well-established companies do this, so they figure they should too.

As a result, they go out and focus on getting a great logo, taking fancy pictures for brochures and their website, etc.

This is a huge mistake. Don’t do it. It won’t work.

Instead, you need to look at what the big companies did when they were small like you..

More often than not, the answer is response marketing.

This is the kind of marketing I suggest you master in the beginning. It will show you how to attract people to what you have to offer, and get them to respond to your messages and take action immediately.

Remember, when you’re a small business and just getting started, it’s not about getting them to think you’re cool or remember your name. It’s about getting them to BUY.

So how do you do this?

The Key To Success With Response Marketing

The way to create response marketing that works is to understand your customer’s needs.

You’ll need to communicate very clearly that you understand their needs and that your product or service can meet them.

One quick way to do this is to make a list of all the fears and frustrations your ideal customer has. Then make a list of all their desires and aspirations.

Once you’ve got that, then you make a list of all the ways your product or service fulfills those needs.

The 3 Brains And How They Can 
Take Your Marketing To The Next Level

If you want to take your marketing to a whole new level, you’ve got to understand a little psychology.

Back in the 1960s, Dr. Paul Maclean, a physician, and neuroscientist came up with a psychological theory called the triune brain theory.

According to this theory, we actually have 3 brains in one.

> We have our reptilian brain, that’s all about survival…

> We have our mammalian brain, that’s all about emotion…

And we have our logical brain, that’s all about rational thinking.

According to the theory, each brain evolved on top of each other and added to the ones before.

But here’s where it gets super-interesting…

Each Of Us Has A Preference For One Of The Three “Brains”

Some of us are physical types and are more “in” our bodies than others (and as a result are better at sports, building things, etc).

Others are more emotional types and can really “tune in” to emotion.

And finally, some of us prefer the logical brain (and enjoying solving puzzles, challenges, and thinking about more abstract concepts).

So what does this have to do with marketing?


Make sure you appeal to each of the brains in your marketing.

If it’s a physical product, Include physical details – like what’s physically in your product, how it was physically built, etc. Or talk about the physical things your service or product can help with.

Then make sure to touch on the emotional brain by explaining in very emotional terms how your product or service helps your customer’s emotional life.

And to speak to those who are more intellectual, talk about the science, the theory of how it works, etc.

Remember, even though we tend to prefer one of these brains, everyone has all three. So it’s important you cover all your bases in your marketing.

Talk about the logical reasons, the emotional reasons, and the physical reasons they should buy your product. Doing this will make your marketing far more powerful and effective and attracting and landing great customers.

I know I just gave you a lot in one sitting with today’s article. So my recommendation is to print it out and read it at least 2 more times.

This marketing “stuff” is really that important because it’s what will determine whether or not you’re able to get clients and customers on a regular, predictable basis.

And no matter what business you’re starting – the lifeblood of your business is getting new clients. So make sure you master these concepts, as they’re absolutely critical when it comes to the “outer game” of business and entrepreneurship.

In the next article, I’ll cover the next thing you need to focus on after you’ve landed a few clients. Without this one thing – you’ll never have a business that’s sustainable and long term. It’s such a basic concept… yet most entrepreneurs never give it the time or attention it deserves.




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