How To Develop A “Personal Success Ritual” That Doubles Your Productivity

As I’ve worked on getting ahead in my life, I’ve hired coaches, gone to seminars, been to masterminds – I’ve done it all.

And one of the best things I’ve ever done was to develop a personal success ritual. 

That’s because I believe that productivity really starts with recharging yourself first. It means taking care of yourself first. It’s kind of like an airplane when they tell you, “All right, before we take off, if there is an emergency, put your mask on first before putting it on the person next to you.” You remember hearing that in the emergency warnings?

This is the same thing with having a personal success ritual. 

In order for you to be more productive and achieve the results you want in your life, you’ve got to take time for you, self-care, self-love, to recharge yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. If you don’t have a full battery charged up, how are you going to really be productive? 

If you have no energy, you have no focus, and if you have no focus, you can’t get into that flow zone state, which means no productivity. 

This is why I want to help you create a little personal success ritual for yourself, something that you do every single day to take care of yourself. 

A Simple 3-Step Framework To Develop Your Own Personal Success Ritual

I know this may sound counterintuitive, to spend time doing something that isn’t on a to-do list or what not, or it might not seem productive.

 Your personal success ritual is a very small investment I usually recommend at the beginning of the day that can pay you huge dividends, and I’ll explain why in just a minute. 

If you look at many high performing athletes and other high performers, you’ll notice most of them have rituals. That’s what we want to bring into your life here. 

Here’s a simple framework to develop your own personal success ritual:

Step 1: Recharge Physically

You want to start out by doing some kind of exercise that gets your body moving, gets your heart pumping and breaks a little sweat, ideally, 20 minutes minimum. For me, that’s walking my dog around the block. That’s what I do every single morning, getting a little bit of exercise, getting outside, and breathing fresh air. 

The key is to make it something you enjoy. Maybe it’s playing a quick game of basketball, maybe it’s taking a walk around the block, or going somewhere to see the sunrise. Whatever it is, the key is to get outside and make sure you do something you can stick with and will enjoy. 

Again, we’re just talking 20 minutes. That’s step one, moving your body. 

Step 2: Recharge Emotionally

Step two is to do something that recharges yourself emotionally. 

So after you’ve exercised, after you moved your body a little bit, this can be something like listening to music you love. It could be listening to a motivational speaker or podcast. 

Another idea is to keep a gratitude journal, where you write down all the things you’re grateful for in your life. Or you could do something like spending time doing a hobby you enjoy such as playing guitar or painting. 

Whatever will recharge you emotionally.

Step 3: Recharge Mentally

Step three is about doing something that will recharge you mentally. This can be meditation for five to 10 minutes, or reading something inspiring or positive or anything else that will get your mind thinking positive, encouraging thoughts. 

Can you see how each one of these activities builds off of the next, and how we are recharging ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally? 

Can you also see how when you do this every single day, every single month, and every single year, you will become strong internally first? 

Consistency is critical here because when you honour yourself first, you build up mental toughness. 

The Importance Of Consistency

I remember when I did boxing in my 20’s, I was a competitive boxer.  I had an Olympic coach for nine years, and one of the things he was so adamant about was running three times a week. 

But one thing he was very specific about was that it had to be at the same time each morning. 

It didn’t matter how fast I ran, it didn’t matter how long, he just wanted me to run three times a week at the same time no excuses. I later realized this was because it built consistency, discipline and made it a success ritual.  

There’s something that happens mentally, physically, emotionally when you do the same things at the same time every day. Now everything we have covered so far should take you about 60 to 90 minutes. Now, if you work a nine to five job right now, I’d suggest maybe waking up earlier so you can make sure to get into this routine before work. 

As I mentioned, the key thing with building a habit is that you do it at the same time every single day. That’s the key thing. 

And when you do that, you build up your muscle for building habits. So commit to doing this at the same time every single day and fit it into your schedule. 

The point of all this is for you to take time out for yourself every day for self-care to recharge, so you can do what needs to get done much more efficiently. 

Why This Isn’t “Optional”

I remember hearing once Sir Richard Branson was asked what his biggest business tip or hack was? Guess what his answer was?  It was doing at least 20 minutes of exercise every day. 

He said that, because he gets the importance of having a success ritual is. He knows the importance of exercise, moving your body, stacking these things on top of each other. This is what successful people do. This is what productive people do every single day, keeping it consistent. 

This may sound simple, to create a routine where you exercise and take care of yourself, but it’s so crucial to dramatically increasing your productivity over time. 

Success is all about the fundamentals, and doing them consistently over the long term. Having your own success ritual gives you the needed energy so you can focus, so you can get yourself to do the things you know you should be doing, and so you can have every day be like the “just before vacation days,” where you become almost superhuman in the things you’re able to get done. 

Now when you commit to this way of being… there’s a few things that will be different. For example, we don’t get to check our messages and email first thing in the morning because that gets us on everyone else’s agenda. 

Do you see how if we’re programmed, if we have that habit, how that’s going to bring us down? 

The first thing we do, is a ritual to recharge ourselves first, physically, emotionally, mentally, and when you prioritize your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing first, that’s when you have the insight about what you need to do that day that’s most important for you. You’re in control, you have the power to start your day how you want to. 

When you come into your work or business and you have the clarity about the things you need to get done that day, that’s the key thing. 

Your mind is clear, you’re not in a reactive mode. 

When you start by checking your messages, your mind gets fragmented. You get on everyone else’s agenda and you don’t remember what you need to do to make yourself successful. Again, this is the world we live in. We’re tied to our phones. 

Just this simple habit goes a long way. It sounds simple to do, but can be harder to implement. 

That’s why I want to keep reminding you about it, and you have to keep it consistent at the same time, every single day. 

To summarize, success, productivity, and getting the results you want starts with recharging yourself and making you strong first.

So go ahead and create a personal success ritual today … and start it TOMORROW!

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