Monday Motivation #4 With James Mel

Takeaway:  So often it’s easy to get caught up in attracting new clients. But you’ll be surprised at what can happen if you revisit past clients and people who are already in your network.  Inspired Action: Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while – call, send a text, an email, anything.... Read more »

Monday Motivation #3 With James Mel

Takeaway:  It’s important to regularly feed your mind with new ideas, new insights, and new strategies which you can easily get by reading great books.  Inspired Action: grab a book you’ve been meaning to read. Set yourself up for success by reading just ONE chapter. Then take action on the thing you learned. Bonus: Give... Read more »

Monday Motivation #2 With James Mel

Takeaway: Developing the habit of paying it forward and always giving value, in business and in your everyday life, is a powerful way to get ahead, help others, and become more successful.  Inspired Action: Next time you’re in line at a coffee shop, buy the person’s coffee behind you. Notice how you feel afterwards and... Read more »