Author: jamesmelcom

My biggest update of the freaking DECADE… Plus a contest ;-)

Hmm… that’s a pretty big claim, do those two things even go together? A huge update and contest?! I dunno… keep reading and I guess we’ll find out together, right?! Okay… In all seriousness, I know that the subject line is a little dramatic, and as you know I’m not a very “hypey” person… But… Read more »

How to Stop Financial Self-Sabotage

You can read all the books on investing … You can take every course under the sun about building wealth … But none of it will matter if you continually “self-sabotage.” What does this mean? It means taking actions that don’t move you forward towards your goals … Like when you commit to a certain… Read more »

What Would You Do If You Had $1 Million Cash?

So today I’ve got something a little bit different for you. It’s a powerful lesson in psychology and behavior. One that will help you build wealth long-term in your life. I promise, after going through this short little exercise, you’ll never forget it! So make sure you play along, okay? Alright, here’s what I want… Read more »

5 Key “Money Skills” To Develop For Financial Success

Let’s talk about building your “money skills.” Because most people want to build wealth … but they focus on all the wrong things. Like I mentioned in the last article, you want to follow the Wealth Formula. As a quick reminder, that formula is: Value > Money > Assets > Wealth. So the idea here… Read more »