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My biggest update of the freaking DECADE… Plus a contest ;-)

Hmm… that’s a pretty big claim, do those two things even go together? A huge update and contest?! I dunno… keep reading and I guess we’ll find out together, right?! Okay… In all seriousness, I know that the subject line is a little dramatic, and as you know I’m not a very “hypey” person… But… Read more »

How to Stop Financial Self-Sabotage

You can read all the books on investing … You can take every course under the sun about building wealth … But none of it will matter if you continually “self-sabotage.” What does this mean? It means taking actions that don’t move you forward towards your goals … Like when you commit to a certain… Read more »

What Would You Do If You Had $1 Million Cash?

So today I’ve got something a little bit different for you. It’s a powerful lesson in psychology and behavior. One that will help you build wealth long-term in your life. I promise, after going through this short little exercise, you’ll never forget it! So make sure you play along, okay? Alright, here’s what I want… Read more »

5 Key “Money Skills” To Develop For Financial Success

Let’s talk about building your “money skills.” Because most people want to build wealth … but they focus on all the wrong things. Like I mentioned in the last article, you want to follow the Wealth Formula. As a quick reminder, that formula is: Value > Money > Assets > Wealth. So the idea here… Read more »

3 “Games” You Must Master To Become Wealthy

When it comes to money, most people make the mistake of focusing on the money itself. And as we learned in previous articles in this series, money has no “actual” value. In fact, money today is “fiat currency.” That means it’s not backed by anything with intrinsic value (like gold or silver, for example).  These… Read more »

Do You Know What Money REALLY Is?

I have two questions to test your “money literacy.” Let’s see how you do answering them: Question #1: Where did money come from and why was it created? Question #2: How does money and the money system actually work? So how did you do? Did you know the answers? Do you feel good about your… Read more »