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Meet Your Coaches

Brian Tracy

“The Personal Development LEGEND”

Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International

Has consulted for more than 1,000 companies and addressed more than 5,000,000 people in 5,000 talks and seminars throughout the world.

Best-Selling Author of 80 books.

Sage Lavine

“Empowering Women In Business”

#1 Best Selling Author of Hay House book, WOMEN ROCKING BUSINESS

CEO of Women Rocking Business Training Company reaching over 100,000 women entrepreneurs around the globe.

Featured in Inc Magazine and on the Inc 5000 list, and on Fox News.

Dean Graziosi

“Helping Coaches PROFIT From Their Knowledge”

Dean Graziosi is a multiple New York Times best selling author, entrepreneur, and investor. He has started or has been involved in 13+ companies that have changed lives all around the world.

For over 20 years Dean has been dedicated to delivering self-education to those seeking transformation and success outside the normal path of traditional education.

Preston Smiles

“Become The Limitless Version Of Yourself”

Preston is a messenger of love sent here to remind us all that when we AMPLIFY our LOVE we automatically AMPLIFY our lives.

Whether he’s speaking, leading workshops, writing books, or making conscious content through social media, it’s all in SERVICE of the same thing….LOVE.

Mary Morrissey

“Transforming Your Dreams Into RESULTS”

Mary Morrissey is widely considered the world’s foremost expert on “dream-building,” which is the art and science of transforming your dreams into results.

Author of two bestselling books, No Less Than Greatness and Building Your Field of Dreams, which became a PBS special.

Mary has addressed the United Nations three times, was invited to co-convene three different week-long meetings with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, and met with President Nelson Mandela in South Africa.

Regena Thomashauer

“Helping Women Become Strong, Powerful, and Confident Souls”

The one and only “Mama Gena” - a teacher and best-selling author, mother and media personality, and founder and CEO of the School of Womanly Arts, which began in her living room in 1998 and has since grown into a global movement.

Regena believes that women are the greatest untapped natural resource on the planet, and that as people of all genders reclaim the magnificence of the feminine, the patriarchy will fall away, liberating us all.

Lisa Nichols

“Motivating The Masses”

Lisa Nichols is one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers, as well as media personality and corporate CEO, whose global platform has reached and served nearly 80 million people.

From a struggling single mom on public assistance to a successful entrepreneur, Lisa’s courage and determination has inspired fans worldwide and helped countless audiences break through, to discover their own untapped talents and infinite potential.

Lisa is also a best-selling author of six books, and her 7th book ABUNDANCE NOW, was published in 2016 by HarperCollins.

Marisa Murgatroyd

“Helping Coaches Discover Their Secret Superpower”

Founder of Live Your Message, where she turns entrepreneurs into Online Superheroes.

At 4’11 and a quarter, she’s called the shortest woman in marketing — and that doesn’t stop her from having huge ideas.

Marisa helps coaches create a business that is authentic and aligned with who they are, to empower them to turn up the dial on their “inner superhero”, so they can be the superhero to their tribe, as well as in their own lives.

Christian Mickelsen

“Personal Development Leader”

Christian Mickelsen is a leading authority on personal development and coaching, and is the author of 5 bestselling books, including ABUNDANCE UNLEASHED and GET CLIENTS TODAY.

He’s the Founder and President of a multi-million dollar coaching business that’s won Inc. 5000’s “fastest growing companies in America” award - 4 years in a row.

A personal coach for 20 years, he’s helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world experience the life-changing power of coaching, and he is on a mission to get the whole world coached.

Callan Rush

“Lucrative Luminary Training”

Author of the best-selling book, “Wealth Through Workshops”.

Callan Rush is a ‘Master Educator’ when it comes to all aspects of designing and delivering Workshops, Retreats, Seminars.

With University Degrees in Psychology and Education – and over 2 decades of experience, Callan has mastered the art and science of designing and delivering live and virtual, education-based events.

Craig Ballantyne

“Motivating The Masses”

Craig Ballantyne is the author of The Perfect Day Formula, The Perfect Week Formula, and The Wall Street Journal Best-Seller Unstoppable.

Over the past 20 years, he’s built five successful companies and today, he helps “struckling” (stuck and struggling) entrepreneurs get the clarity, discipline, and strategies they need to increase their impact, income, and influence while working a lot less.

Ajit Nawalkha

“Igniting Abundance For Humanity”

Co-founder of Mindvalley Teach and the Host of Evercoach.

Ajit has successfully built numerous online brands of coaches, authors, speakers, and online educators.

Author of the best-selling book, The Book of Coaching, Ajit’s passion and purpose is to help entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and coaches create a positive impact in the world.

Eben Pagan

“Virtual coach, entrepreneur, investor.”

Built ten successful online brands. his products and services online have impacted more than a million students.

Sold more than $100 million in products and services online.

Now he and his wife teach and coach people to live more successful and extraordinary lives.

Discover The 5 “C’s” Of Coaching for FREE

Join us for the 7-Day “Grow Your Virtual Coaching Practice” Challenge and discover how you can EARN MORE, gain MORE FREEDOM, and LEVEL UP YOUR LIFE with the 5 C’s of coaching:

Learn how to gain your Coaching Confidence

Learn the secrets of Coaching Client Attraction

Learn powerful strategies of Coaching Conversion

Learn how to set up your Coaching Package

Learn how to build and create Coaching Systems

Learn what to say to get PAID for helping others

Learn where and how to find prospective clients you can help and start working with now… And much more!

Meet Your Host
James Mel

Co-founder of the Virtual Coach™ training and certification system

And three years ago, my business partner Eben Pagan and I created the Virtual Coach training program.

We did this because coaching is a critical skill now more than ever. It’s how you can help people identify what they want, and support them as they take action to reach their goals.

From Experts:

  I’ve watched James go from the shy kid in the room to building an online empire around his gifts and teaching others how to do the same! He’s a quiet force with deep knowledge around how to profit online.  

Marisa Murgatroyd

  It's been inspiring to watch James build a wildly successful virtual business, and go on to teach others the skills to do the same. He's always up to date on the things that are working now.  

David Gonzales

  What is so rare about James is his abiliy to think big, and then break things down into simple practical steps to make them happen. He's an action taker and continous learner who knows what works with online businesses.  

Jeanna Gabellini

  James is someone you want to be connected to and learning from. He's worked with the top industry leaders, and will accelerate your success and help you get ahead online fast. If you have the chance to work with him - take it!  

Lou Dalo

  James is a role model for self-made entrepreneurs and investors to follow. He has succeeded in business, as an investor, and as a friend. I learn something new from him every time we work together on projects. [Full disclosure, James is also my business partner!]  

Eben Pagan

  James has one of THOSE minds - the ability to understand the mechanisms of creating and growing a successful online knowledge business and the ability to teach others how to do it too - very rare, and very powerful.  

Ann Wilson

From Students:

  James walks the walk. He demonstrates how to live on th edge of your comfort zone in order to make big things happen, all the while sharing reliable systems to support the journey. If he invites you to anything... you should go.  

Carolyn Carpenter

  I love how James shares his own experience with the strategies he teaches. His insights helped me set a content strategy to connect with a new audience, and one of his productivity tips completely changed how I prioritize my day.  

Thuy Pham

  James is one of my favorite teachers when it comes to keeping my motivation going and always reaching for my personal and business potential. He is a wealth of knowlege when it comes to business success and self improvment   

Joe McNeal

  Since working with he's catapulted my business, investing and most importantly my mindset to the level I've been working towards for so long. He's been the shortcut to all of it. His guidance and wisdom has been life changing!  

Marty Waters

  James is absolutely brilliant at business and marketing. Over the years, I've seen him develop both personally and professionally to make a huge impact on others. I look up to him as a mentor and trust his advice when it comes to online business  

Andrea Dupuis

  When I stumbled across James Mel, what I liked about him was that he didn’t seem like all the other gurus that are constantly under the limelight. James was more down to earth, more approachable, more genuine, and I could tell he really wanted to help me succeed.  

Dennis Karganilla

Here are just a few of the comments from people who have taken part in other challenges we have done…

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