2 Business Lessons – From One Of My Most Prized Possessions

Today I share something most people don’t know about me – I’m fascinated with fish. Ever since I can remember I have loved learning about them, taking care of them, etc. And interestingly enough, it’s this love of fish that got me into my first-ever business. Plus, it’s taught me two powerful business lessons I think will help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

In Today’s Video You’ll Learn:

  • How my love for fish led me to my very first business opportunity …
  • What one of my most prized possessions can teach you about succeeding in business
  • Why you should never “outsource” right away (do THIS instead) …
  • The “hockey curve” path you’ll find in your own entrepreneurial journey
  • And much more …

One Comment

Andrea Richards

Love the tips–
(1) Learning the tasks within your business before you pay someone to do it (outsource it).
(2) Start your business off small ( at the beginning base on your abilities) and as you grow in knowledge and expertise, you grow your business (trying to start a huge business from the beginning is setting yourself up for failure. Build relationships with others with your trade and learn the know-how of how to run a business by helping an existing established business.
I was looking forward to seeing your fish collection. I didn’t see any fish in your fish tank ( another fish lover)


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