The Biggest Lesson I Learned From Tony Robbins

I’m finally back in Vancouver after a month of traveling. And today, I’m having a team planning meeting where we’re mapping out our game plan for 2020. Before we finish up for the day … I wanted to shoot a quick video and let you know the biggest lesson I learned from Tony Robbins while I was at his resort in Fiji last week for a business mastermind with him, and 9 other world-class entrepreneurs. Enjoy!

In today’s video you’ll learn:

  • My biggest “takeaway” from hanging out with Tony Robbins and 9 other world-class entrepreneurs in Fiji …
  • The one thing you need to focus on above all else …
  • My top 5 values when it comes to life and business …
  • A quote from Aristotle that can help you get to the next level …
  • And much more …


Michael G Smith

James – Thx for the “post-TR-Figi” summary… do please expand upon “cumulative” take- aways that made this Mastermind/Braintrust unique, especially since it’s so current on top of the whole KBB initiate & “Yours & Eben’s” edu focus. No doubt being just back, this may take some time to digest & share!

Elissa Kerhulas

Thank you, James. I agree it’s good to put those values at the top of our minds, then work from there. And actually, it seems to be so much more economical, as far as use of time and resources, to really focus on our values. By the way, after I bought my home by the beach, I’m now looking to buy my investment property back east. Your teachings still resonate.

Luca Bertagnolio

Great tip James!

This is something that I have always procrastinated on, and yet it’s clear to me that having this clarity is the only way forward, in order to focus better and not waste time and energy on less important things. Or things that, worse, are a detriment to the goals we then set for ourselves.

Speaking of goal, are you aware of the OKR methology (Objectives and Key Results), and if yes, is that what you use to break down larger goals into more manageable chunks of work to perform in a specific amount of time?

Thanks, Luca


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