The “Dark Side” Of Entrepreneurship (And What To Do About It)

Most people don’t realize this – but entrepreneurship has a small “dark side” to it. And in this video, I tell you what it is, why it’s so important you become aware of it, and how to combat it. The result will be that you become a FAR more effect and productive entrepreneur – AND still have time for the things that matter to you in life. Don’t miss this one – it’s a game changer!

In Today’s Video You’ll Learn:

  • What a piece of art can teach you about the “dark side” of entrepreneurship (and what you can do to avoid it) …
  • How this “dark side” of entrepreneurship can affect every important area of your life …
  • The work environment that is best for me … and could be for you, too …
  • How to get a LOT more done each day using a powerful time-technique …
  • What you must do to make sure you are still an effective entrepreneur while STILL having a life outside of “Work” …


Daniel Sieff

Although being positive is important. Sounds interesting.


Excellent video. Love your work!

Vas Neo

Awesome and important reminder, James! Love when you share personal habits and tips in between!


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