Do THIS Everyday for Greater Success

It doesn’t matter if I’m traveling around the world, or if it’s just another day here at home…

Every single day I do 1 thing that helps me achieve success in ALL areas of my life.

I’ve done this for YEARS now … and even though the specifics change from time to time, developing this one habit has served as the foundation for my success.

I’ll walk you through it in today’s video, and give you ideas for you to do this in your own life.

Here’s what you’ll learn in today’s video:

  • The foundational “thing” I do every single day that has helped me achieve the success I have in business and life in general
  • How I start every morning
  • The story behind the cool statue sitting on my fireplace mantle
  • Why doing this first thing in the morning sets the tone for your entire day
  • And much more…


Kirill Ragozin

Wholeheartedly agree with the premise. In singing there’s a concept of an onset, the first sound that you produce when you sing something out. That first note heaviliy influences what follows afterwards, which is why it’s very important to practice making a nice and clean sound from the start.

As for the moring routine, my current one is the following:
• Take vitamin supplements. Drink a large glass of water. Drink a protein shake.
• Meditate 10-15 minutes. I also use headspace app, though from time I choose to use a simple kitchen timer and just sit in total silence until it rings. I’m also using a firm meditaiton cushion to sit on, because I just love how it lifts the body, really helps to get a good posture.
• Quick (5-10 minutes) journaling with the Cosmic Journal. Just open it on a random page, read the message, internalize it a bit and just write whatever comes to mind. It seemed a bit silly initially, but now I’m loving it. Those text prompts from Yanik help direct my thoughts towards an empowered and abundant state. Getting into this mindset when just starting the day is incredibly powerful.
• Make a delicious cup of tea or coffee and hand-write my intentions for the day while drinking it, just to clarify where I am at in this point in my life and why I’m doing what I’m doing. Without it, I feel, it is very easy to get distracted and spend the day following someone else’s agenda.


Hi James, thanks for sharing. I have been doing morning routines for a few years, but in the last months I’ve fallen off track. It used to mainly contain short exercise, meditation and gratitude.
I like your point that the routine should also be focused onto setting yourself up for achieving your present goals.
So I’ll start doing my routine again and also add just quickly creating a new PowerPoint presentation every morning, just entering the title and then leaving the file open for completion later that day. I want to create more content for teaching medical knowledge, so this will set my mind up to focus on a that.
Best regards, Janis

Joe McNeal

Here’s mine…. after shower, make bed (for reasons stated in “Make Your Bed), then drink water with green powder or green juice to rehydrate, then sit down by window with coffee, book and music to get centered and motivated.

Patricia van der Heijden

Thanks, for the inspiration. I also have a personal routine and als have noticed that it changes over time. I’ve had a period where I was doing very active & energizing exercises. But now it also is more ‘quiet’. I start my day with brushing my teeth, after that doing my laundry for 10 minutes (I find it relaxing 😉 ) after that I go downstairs to drink two big glasses of warm water. Than I listen to my app Curable for a 10 minute meditation. Sometimes outside, sometimes indoors. After that my ‘rush-hour’ with the kids starts. When they are of to school; I get back to my morning routine; I take a 30-45 min walk with my dog and have a quit breakfast after that. I prepare my lunch and dinner. And start work at 10am. Sometimes it varies because with a family of 5 you have to be flexible and improvise sometimes 😉 But I really enjoy my ritual. And can relate to the fact that it sets you up for succes for the rest of the day.


Yeah noice one James. Thanks! Good thoughts. I like to have my coffee or chai in the sun and the do some yoga and meditation.

Daniel Anthony

Thanks bro , you are crushing it with this one because , all though I want to share My morning routine secret with no one ….you know
What’s the point ?
But all that changed when I heard EBEN talking to TONY and tony said he was basically a big part of these people’s growth who desighn my foundation with there book FIT FOR LIFE
from nobody s to legendary authors . OVERNIGHT
K , Here is the secret . Just the facts
it begins when I wake up . This is just about food . I eat nothing but fruit for the first 6 -8 hours I am awake .
I call my sleeping hours .
the beginning of my j fast
Then I awake the first thing that goes into my body is water . Half liter is good but you can put out the fire if you drown your self in water , every day .

Then coffee with cream and honey .
This begins the Daniel fast ( another Daniel NOT ME ) and I like apples orange grapes . Black and blue berry’s straw and crab Berry’s rock
and more water thIS fast should not end before noon .
I have been doing this so long I cant really remember … over tens years and it is my foundation . It came from a book from un famous authors at the time ,
Tony coached them to fame as greats

James we are in the same great tribe
I am the token Cherokee . We know who are chief is but Tony is
the LEGEND .
Rick on bro , thanks for your fire !


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