How I Create My Videos (Plus A 90-Day Challenge)

The other day someone asked me how I create my videos.

So I thought I’d take a minute to tell you how I do it … share a powerful “mindset” I’ve used to get started with these videos … explain how you can get over any fears about being “on camera” … and then give you the same 90-day challenge my mentor Eben gave to me.

If you do this challenge, I promise you’ll be amazed at the results!

In today’s video you’ll learn:

  • How I create my videos
  • The biggest mistake people make when it comes to doing videos
  • A simple way to never run out of content ideas
  • The mindset I’ve used to get started and stay consistent
  • What to do if you’re afraid of being “on camera” and how to get past it
  • Why you DO have valuable stuff to share (even if you don’t think so)
  • And much more …


Sonia Barker

I appreciate the simplicity of paying attention to my life and sharing my Insights… wow I have made is so much more difficult.
Thank you for the frame work!! I have done a few videos and yes have felt like a dork but this will help me feel more confident that I am not just rambling.
Thanks James!!


Thanks , James. I really appreciate your work and this video was just what I needed to move forward. I’m one of those folks who is very reluctant about being on camera because I don’t think I can communicate in a clear, non jumbled way. Thanks for the ideas about how to break they this.


Thanks James! Yeah that’s good advice. Establishing good habits. Yep, I can hear Eben talking. I just find it so hard to motivate myself to actually do it. But I’m gonna give it a try.

Luca Bertagnolio

Great tips James! While I am finding it hard to think about an accountability buddy whom I could spam with my videos, I will try to create short videos and publish them on my blog, every day.

Challenge accepted!

Ricki Lane

I had already committed to doing your 90 day challenge and I like the idea of sharing my first few videos with friends until I “find my feet”. Thank you for your practical suggestions on how to get started.

Erik Forrester

Thank you for this reinforcement James! I was on the Start-Up Club call and committed to starting a 90 day commitment this week! So I am on day 2! I had not thought of sending to a few friends and will be doing that right away! I appreciate this video followup and you walking the walk!


Love summer !


Love boats and all around them !


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