Never Underestimate The Power This Has On You And Your Business

My parents are in town, so I let them stay at my place by the beach. Which means I’ve been living and working out of my place in Downtown and WOW. I have learned a powerful lesson about focus, getting things done, and moving your business forward. Check out today’s video and leave me a comment and tell me what you think!

In Today’s Video You’ll Learn:

  • What my parents coming into town to visit has taught me about ME and my business (don’t underestimate the power this has on you too!) …
  • Why it’s so important to know yourself …
  • How to use this lesson to set yourself up for massive success in life and in business …
  • Why if you DON’T consciously do this, you are missing out big time (and it could cost you so much time, money, and even energy) …
  • And much more …


Inga Gelford

Hi James, I totally agree! Our environment makes a huge difference, for work, for sleep, for general mindset. My hack is to be in a peaceful environment that is surrounded by gardens and a great view of the natural world. I like the quiet when I’m working on my business or an art project. And when I take a break, I want to be able to go out in my garden, see the beautiful flowers and smell all sorts of aromatic plants/herbs. This grounds me and helps flow creativity. If I feel stuck, I will dance around barefoot outside which gets things flowing again 🙂


I am agree with you,


I agree the working environment is important I’m planning on changing mine as soon as I can hopefully by next year


I’ve noticed that I suffer from the same problem, loud noises and the like distract me, I also have my parents dog as well as my nephew chasing after my attention.

Most of the time I meditate then just shut myself in a room and do my best to stay on task.

Also much like Inga, I’ve noticed that I get more done in a natural environment but with the out doors comes other distractions, such as ambient noises & other stranger things I’d rather not get into here.

Point is it’s hard to stay focused when it seems as though everything is trying to get my attention lol…

As always thanks for the videos James.


Yep. I like it quiet and peaceful as well. Living on a bio farm in the south of Germany now. My challenge now is internet.. Germany has worse coverage than most third world countries.

Philip Noonan

James, I enjoy a fresh clean working environment. I have more of this now because after your video from your kitchen I now have amazing people coming to clean my home.
My study actually looks out onto a busy four lane arterial. Sometimes a distraction but I’m inspired too seeing emerging niches flashing by. Such as ‘Jim’s Drone Photography’ or ‘Geeks2U’.
Thank you James!


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