How to Get (Really) Good At This Critical Business “Skill”

I’m still in Brazil for one more week. But I still wanted to share with you an important insight I had. This one skill is what I think is a “MUST” for entrepreneurs. It’s how I got my start – even though most people don’t know it. And once you master it … you’ll know how to make the “oxygen” your business needs to survive and THRIVE!

In today’s video you’ll learn:

  • Why I think THIS is the best skill you can learn to succeed in business …
  • How I got my start early in life by focusing on this …
  • Why this is the “oxygen” of ANY business …
  • The 7-Step Formula for mastering this one thing …
  • And much more …


Inga Gelford

Thanks James!


That last thing, “Based on what you told me, the next step is…”, that’s something I’ll surely implement in my sales process (which sort of happens half on the phone, half by e-mail, so it’s gonna be interesting to track the success rate). Thanks James!


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