How to Make Things HAPPEN In Your Life & Business

I just got back from a HUGE event my business partner and I held for some of our VIP clients.

And the energy was so incredible… so amazing… I was just in awe at how we were able to make something this big HAPPEN.

So while I was taking a walk today, I wanted to shoot a video and tell you exactly what we did.

This is the SAME strategy I use in all areas of my life and it’s how I start making progress NO MATTER WHAT.

Try this strategy for yourself and then let me know in the comments how it worked for you! 😉

And remember, the only way is UP!

Here’s what you’ll learn in today’s video:

  • How my business partner and I were able to put together a 400-person event in LA…
  • Why this is the strategy I use in every area of my life (Hint: Because it GUARANTEES RESULTS!)
  • Why if you’re making something complex or convoluted, you’re doing it wrong (and what to do instead)
  • The “big” secret to making ANYTHING “happen” in your life… from building a successful business to getting in shape to improving your relationships
  • And more …


Brand : Daniel Anthony

Thanks for the invite . I won’t be in Cali till later in the month .
What’s next ?
Do you have any interest in a joint venture in Hawaii . ?
Thanks for the video would you be interested in a interview ?
We need to amp up life coaching to keep up with the pace ? There is a new show my partners are discussing and you would be a awesome guest .. this show is a edutainment and it’s design to teach a million peeps .
On a weekly basis . This could enhance the 10 niches and bring unity to the 2 different camps
People wanna see the latest news
“ live” from a reliable source ..
And we are the TORCH BEARERS bringing in the Light .

Orville Curtis Reid

Great attitude blessed

Orville Curtis Reid

Ok good my friend blessed


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