How You Can Build Confidence to Learn Any New Skill

Happy New Year!

I’m back in my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia and it brought back a whole bunch of memories of how I got started with entrepreneurship and real estate investing.

You know I didn’t have a lot of confidence growing up. But as I walk here in Downtown Halifax, it reminds me of one of the very first things I did to help me build my confidence – which allowed me to go out and get my first investment property.

There’s a powerful lesson here for you – and it’s something that will help YOU build confidence, no matter what new skill you want to learn.

Enjoy – and together, let’s get ready to rock 2020!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why I’m freezing my butt off in Downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia (it’s below 10 degrees fahrenheit right now!)
  • How I found the confidence to invest in real estate (thanks to my job during highschool!)
  • One of the keys to gaining confidence in ANYTHING you want to do in life or business
  • The best way I think you can learn any new skill (and have it feel “normal”)
  • What I recommend you do if you want to invest in real estate
  • How to build the confidence you need to take action and make things happen in your life
  • And much more…


Robert Call

I continue to lack the confidence to begin my real estate investing company. I started up an LLC almost two years ago, but have done nothing with it. At this point I am challenged with the task of closing out the LLC,but don’t want to do this. It just feels wrong to do that. I have no money to start with and need to learn the skill of how to find a wholesale deal and a buyer for it.


Robert you believe you lack self confidence . So you act like it . Lie to ur self and say I have overwhelming confidence then act like that .

Let’s join. Are LLC together . . The union will ad strength to your portfolio. Stength is power . Power attracts greatness . Greatness leads to oppurtunity . And oppurtunity leads to value .

Vas Neo

Great advice, James! Exposure is the first step in building confidence!


Yeah noice one James. So true. Exposure builds experience builds confidence. Thanks for the reminder!
I want to build my skills in online marketing and performing piano in 5 star hotels.


speed of implementation and a solid productive ritual is what I want to really focus on this year


I have a real estate idea I wanted to share with Adam g.
It’s gonna he break thru and work along side air b n b s .
The bold program is are way of giving back .

The younger people today are getting blown apart at the seems and there looking at us like how could you let this happen . ( look at times magazine , 12 year old girl making a statement . If this doesn’t bring you to tears you need to sign up for my compassion niche coming out in the new March VC 4 .

We gave a responsibility to the incoming class to have the confidence to make a change whether it’s in there life’s or there neighbor s life or there family friends work . I am about to release a book that is gonna rock the WORLD . Everything is changing so fast . We are in a period of time similar to hundred years ago when the auto mobile was first being introduced to replace the horseless carriage . The roaring twenties .

How’s tony he is such a vital influence for us in this time of transition . I can’t remember the first time I heard of him
It’s changing so fast maybe 30 years ago
You were with him in the same arena you have a-position honor it .

Peace out


Ingo are you recording ? Put a 4 song set together I have a 5 star hotel I can get you . We will record your performance there and create a niche titled “ how to get a gig in a 5 star hotels
“ live “ recording .


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