One Word That Is The Foundation Of Success

There’s one word I took to heart early on in my life that has allowed me to succeed in a big way in both real estate and online business. And if you can harness the power of this one word, then I know you can create success and achieve your biggest goals.

In Today’s Video You’ll Learn:

  • The ONE WORD that’s allowed me to succeed in life, real estate, and online business …
  • 1 thing you need to avoid if you are serious about getting your goals
  • What the sport of boxing taught me about this very powerful, one-word lesson …
  • Where I see people go wrong with this …
  • A simple “hack” to make sure you do what you say you’re going to do …
  • How I’m going to use this simple concept moving forward with these videos



Vas Neo

James, I’m so grateful to Eben for pushing you creating your personal brand! : ) Your attitude and humility permeates every live talk I watched. Especially now, I think more humble, natural and less pushy the experts – the more it’s valuable.
As a request, I would be interested for you to share what’s really worked for you as you started this journey of entrepreneurship. Specifically, your edge in starting online and so on. By the way, it would be a unique and great angle for you to teach the online entrepreneurship as a foundation, then give tips on real estate as a passive income opportunity. I don’t know anyone who teaches both specifically.
Keep it up and Thank you, James!


Thank you James! I am in deep appreciation of your authenticity and commitment :). Blessings to you as you share tools, skills and wisdom that uplift and enlighten!


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