What to do if you want OUTSTANDING results in business and life

I recently got a question on Instagram (you can follow me if you aren’t already here jame_mel_official). And instead of just typing out a quick answer, I wanted to shoot a video about it because I think chances are good you’ve experienced this and had the SAME question. This is how you get OUTSTANDING results in your business and life.

In Today’s Video You’ll Learn:

  • Why I LOVE my new place at the beach … (I even give you a quick tour of the beach so you can see what I’m talking about) …
  • The question I got on Insta – and why chances are good YOU’VE had the same question at some point in your life …
  • My answer and why it’s NOT what you expect …
  • What sports can teach you about becoming OUTSTANDING in business and life …
  • And so much more …



Go deep! That’s a good one. Like digging a well…digging 5 feet in 100 spots will not do much good, but 100 feet in one spot…you might get somewhere. 🙂
OM Shanti


How do you make these videos? Have you got a camera mounted on your chest? Thanks for making them by the way. From Nova Scotia to B.C. Pretty impressive!


Hi James,

This is a great video! I totally fall into the trap of putting too many eggs in multiple baskets 🤪

I am an inventor and I have a few products and I published a book. My first product is in a licensing agreement (not signed yet), the second product is out in the world and my book is out in the world as well. I have been in the real estate industry for years, but never on the investor side. I have been learning about the investing side for about a year.

I love being creative and making products and books and I absolutely love real estate. So, from what I learned from you, I think licensing all of my products is my best bet. Still create books (because I love to write children’s books), and focus on purchasing my first multi-family investment.

I love it! I need to be reminded often to not take too much on because I am definitely not good at just sitting around ☺️

Gary Helm

Once again, James, you hit the ball out of the park. Very Inspirational !!! BTW, love your beach.


Great advice! Now I just need to really figure out what I’m passionate about and make it happen.


Yeah cool. Thanks James! Good one! Focus and double down. Got it. 😁👍✌️💕


Yes, I totally agree.

Jacob Blessing

This is a great reminder, it is so easy to get distracted in our lives

Thanks again James

And Thanks for keeping up with your videos. It is very nice, and inspiring, to see your progression


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