One Of The Most Important Things To Make Your Dreams Happen This Year

We’re two weeks into the New Year and chances are you’ve got a lot of goals and dreams you want to achieve. That’s why today I want to share with you a piece of life advice my boxing coach of 10 years gave me.

This came to my mind because I just finished up an intense boxing workout. You’ll notice my face is a bit red and I’m still cooling down.

It’s a great way to get yourself to take action – even during those times you don’t “feel” like it. And, it’s something that will keep you on track, no matter what’s going on in your life.


In today’s video you’ll learn:

  • The one piece of “life” advice I got from my boxing coach that made me stay consistent, no matter what
  • What differentiates champions and winners from everyone else
  • How to get past all your stories, excuses, and limiting thoughts that are keeping you from success
  • The “red corner, blue corner” philosophy to achievement
  • How to start your New Year fresh and commit to your goals and dreams
  • And much more!

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Georgia Wheeler

…They’re too Busy getting Better!

I’ll remember that one!


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