The Power of “Warming Up”

We’ve all seen professional athletes stretch and warm up before a big game. And the reason is – it works to get them in the “flow” and be ready to perform at their best.

It’s no different in your business and when learning a new skill. That’s why today I want to talk to you about how to “warm up” and how I use this concept in my own life with great success.

In today’s video you’ll learn:

  • Why I’m nervous filming my first “professional” video
  • How I use the power of “warming up” in my own business and personal life
  • What you can do to “warm up” in your own life
  • Why filming professional videos like this is totally doable (and how you can get started)
  • And much more …

One Comment

Luca Bertagnolio

As a Toastmaster, and I believe you have also been or still are part of a Toastmasters club, let me provide you with some feedback on the setting you have used to take this video.

Lights are great, and your face is nicely centered in the window. And that’s all good.

What I would have loved to see is a little more zoom on your figure, maybe even offsetting the face slight above the center of the screen, but allowing for little more “closeness“, as in this picture you appear a little “distant” from us, the audience.

Also, while I appreciated the idea of a “live background“, the movement of the water and some flickering of the lights in the motion of the water makes the background quite distracting, in my view.

You are providing the message, not the background, so a full focus on you without any source of distraction is what I would aim at delivering.

These are of course very personal feedbacks, and your mileage may vary.

Great to see your videos, keep them coming, they are truly inspiring!


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