The 5-Step Framework To Get Anything You Want In Life

This year, I’ve committed myself to learning how to ski. I love learning new things. And the fact that I live so close to great ski slopes makes it a no-brainer for me.

But the only problem is that learning to ski isn’t exactly easy. There’s a LOT of falling down and having to get back up.

Which is why I shot a video for you up here on the slopes.

In it, I talk about the 5-step framework I use to learn anything in my life – whether it’s personal, career, or even business related.

It’s the framework I’m using right now to learn how to ski (and I’m having a blast doing it).

And it’s something you can use to help you learn anything and start achieving more and getting ahead in the important areas of your life.


In today’s video you’ll learn:

  • My five-step framework for getting anything you want in life
  • How I’ve used this approach for everything worthwhile in my life
  • How you can apply this framework to YOUR life starting today
  • The most important part of this system if you want to make it work
  • The mindset you need going into anything new
  • And much more!


Ricki Lane

Thanks James. As a coach, I’m continually learning a ton of stuff about both coaching and marketing and making lots of mistakes. It’s a bit overwhelming and so I’ll try this approach to help me to move forward despite initial “falls”.

Karen Itin

Thank James, I needed to hear this today! This next week I am going to plan to keep showing up on video and keep pushing forward in my coaching business. And get clearer on what I want to learn more of. I fell down many times in life but I always get back up and with a better mindset for the next fall.

Ben Altman

Look at that snow! We need to get you down to Santa Monica again soon 😉


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