The Ultimate Way To Grow Your Business

Most entrepreneurs think that the way to grow your business is to focus on more tactics and even strategies. But one of the BIG lessons on business growth came from my mentor, Eben Pagan. He taught me what I think is the ultimate way to grow your business (it’s why I’m shooting this from Fortaleza, Brazil). And today, I’m sharing that same lesson with you.

In today’s video you’ll learn:

  • The counter-intuitive reason why I’m at a 2 ½-week meditation retreat in Fortaleza, Brazil…
  • The “two sides” of growth you need to be aware of …
  • The ULTIMATE way to grow your business (and no, it isn’t a new marketing hack, strategy, or anything like that) …
  • Why you should NEVER stop doing this one thing, if you want continued success in business and in life …
  • And much more …



Yes, I am agree with you 100%,… Self development, help us to go ahead, otherwise it is impossible,


Really glad to see this video because it proves you’re ok. Last video was from the “Chief” on the same day a rescue failed and the person didn’t make it. SAME morning you filmed that ‘talk’. Thankfully it wasn’t YOU. The name of the climber was never released so I’ve been waiting with baited breath for you to turn up. Inspirational!


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