What A Necklace Can Teach You About Doubling Your Sales

I know it sounds a little weird that a necklace can teach you anything about sales. But hear me out. Because I was at a yoga festival where I bought the necklace you’ll see in today’s video. And the lessons I learned can help you sell more of your products, services – anything!

In today’s video you’ll learn:

  • Why I bought this necklace for $300 – and what this can teach you about doubling your sales …
  • How to create more perceived value in everything you offer …
  • A powerful book recommendation (this should be required reading for every entrepreneur!) …
  • What you must do in order to sell more, at higher prices …
  • And much more …



Hi James, thank you for this useful video! In sales, this principle falls into FABS (Features, Advantages, Benefits Selling).
I offer 2 services: (1) relational consulting [to resolve issues in people relations], (2) money abundance consulting [to resolve money issues].


When travelling I once purchased a gift comprising multi layers of stratified rock indigenous to the region, beautifully polished and with a card sharing the story of each layer. In business, I’m beginning to engage with others in community forums. I’m finding that investing that bit of extra time is leading to greater connection and value. Thanks for your encouragement to keep going this way, James.


Thank you James! I love the reference to the Fibonacci sequence and how it was incorporated into the necklace. She was bringing the magic of nature into her artwork and infusing the understanding of the order, structure, math of numbers as they relate to our physical spacesuits and existence.


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