What To Do About FEAR As a New Coach

It’s another week and time for me to answer another one of your questions!

And if you’re just “tuning” in, last week I told you that I’m doing weekly content videos where I answer YOUR questions, give you advice, share lessons I’m learning to help you grow and succeed at a higher level, and so much more.

This week, I got an anonymous question on how to deal with “pestering” on your introductory coaching calls.

I explain what to do in my answer, along with how you can deal with FEAR as a new coach.

And remember …

The only way is UP!

In Today’s Video You’ll Learn:

  • What to do if you experience someone who pesters you on your intro coaching calls …
  • How to deal with FEAR as a new coach
  • Why you want to get to the “other side” of fear
  • How a simple shift in your thinking can totally change the game…
  • And much more …

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Mel thanks for your advice.


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