What You Need To Motivate & Inspire Others

I’ve been in a workshop for 5 days, and just had a big insight about something I’ve always done in my businesses without even realizing it. It’s a powerful lesson in how your own experience matters – especially when it comes to motivating other people to do what’s best for them. Watch this one and let me know what you think in the comments!

In Today’s Video You’ll Learn:

  • What “digital real estate” is and how to profit from it …
  • Why digital real estate can be started with little-to-no capital and is a great way to fund your physical real estate investments …
  • My own “aha” experience after recently offering a $10K 1-on-1 coaching package for real estate investors …
  • Why your experience MATTERS when it comes to motivating others …
  • The cardinal “rule” when it comes to selling your product or service …


Inga Gelford

Thanks James! That makes so much sense. By doing first what you ask your clients to do keeps us authentic and in deep integrity. Also in alignment with truth and transparency. Perfect!


So True James,
Coaching and mentorship has changed my life and my business.
Now I offer my coaching to others, which came natural as people started asking me about topics and questions on areas my coaches and mentors had taught me about.

Karen Collins

James, you can ditch the tripod anytime! Enjoyed this insight from you with the natural backdrop–the rock outcropping, the sunset — oh, and the birds tweeting . . . !


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