When Things Don’t Go As Planned …

What do you do when things don’t go as planned? Today I share the answer, because I had to deal with something not going my way this weekend. It’s why I’m shooting this video from the “summit” of an epic hike I went on this weekend …

In Today’s Video You’ll Learn:

  • How my plans for the weekend went down the drain …
  • The Myers-Briggs personality test and the 2 kinds of people in business …
  • Why I’m shooting this video from the summit of “the chief” …
  • What to do if you encounter roadblocks on your way to victory …
  • And so much more …


Ferrell Marshall

Thank you, James! This was awesome. I have hit a roadblock getting my new business going as I am battling a chronic illness which has progressed. The disease and gnarly infusion treatments have robbed me of energy, focus and hope. This breath of fresh air and wisdom is very much appreciated!


Thanks James! I love it when it’s lonely at the top. When I hike it’s nice when no other peoples are around :). Thanks for sharing the beautiful view and the wonderful insights. Great to meet you at the Summit! (no pun intended).


You are the ‘Chief’ James. Thanks for your hard yards to reach such an inspiring location and share your equally inspiring message. I changed my own plans this weekend to visit family who reached out. I’m glad I did.

Ricki Lane

James, what a paradise…we British Columbians have got it good on weekends. You look so relaxed. I have a little mountain right across the road from me and hike it often It’s a little piece of paradisiacal rain forest.
Also, I’m a serious proponent of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I took the training in Calgary years ago to become a certified user of the materials. It gave me valuable insight into myself and others and I shared it wherever I could – in my classrooms, with colleagues, professional development workshops for teachers , and with various businesses and organizations. I learned more and more of its value by teaching it to others. As you say, there are no right or wrong personality profiles, just a need to understand and respect the differences in others. I find it fascinating that there are personality patterns – our differences are not random.

james jones

I am getting back into the work world after dealing with health crises for many years at age 56. Plus, I had to take time to help my parents with theirs too. I continued to learn about myself and asked hard questions. I have decided to take all of my experiences with my health, personal growth plus my background in the IT and Management area and move into the healthcare/ wellness/ IT and management. Then, I want to learn how to do that online. The next two weeks are challenging. I have to find a way to stay in my home. I am creating a Go fund me site to keep me in the home and give me the time to get back on my feet after the longterm health and life crises. So, Thank you for reminding me that YES plans do change and I have to keep flexible and NEVER GIVE UP.


I’m jealous of the hike! I used to hike the Chief almost every week when I lived there. Such an epic metaphor.
Like Ricki Lane, I’m a big fan of MBTI and became a trainer. Understanding my INFJ personality has been advantageous in navigating life as an entrepreneur.
My current “mountain” is writing a book. I admire your ability to pump out content weekly because I know how much it takes.
Thanks for the ongoing inspiration.


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