Why I’m Saying “Goodbye” (Thanks To This 1 Thing My Mentor Told Me)

I’m at my office and I’m a bit sad today. “Goodbyes” are never easy.

And after three years, it’s time to let go and do something my mentor explained to me.

Letting go is never easy. But today, I’ll share with you a tip that can help you let go of the things stopping you from getting ahead so that you can accomplish a LOT more in your life and business (especially as we gear up for a New Year AND Decade!).

In today’s video you’ll learn:

  • Why I’m a little sad today and have to say “goodbye”
  • The powerful lesson I learned from my mentor (it’s why I’m doing this)
  • What to do if you want to get real results in life or your business as we head into 2020
  • A short 15 – 20 minute exercise that can help you make HUGE progress on any goal you want
  • And much more!



We know what we have to do but sometimes we need someone to remind us what’s that thing missing in our puzzle . Thank you James


Simplicity. Yes. Xactly. Noice one. Thanks James. Had my top 6 written out before I listened to your video. 15 – 60 min each morning. Yeah that’s a good get ahead challenge. 😊👍


Good luck, James!

Ricki Lane

I can see how this is a big decision. I used to love being in downtown Vancouver… but now the traffic congestion takes away the joy. This brings to mind a lesson of Eben’s in Self-Made Wealth that encourages one to give away 20 – 50% of what you own to help keep it simple.


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