Why Success Never Boils Down To Just “One Thing”

Far too often, people think there’s just one thing they need to learn to achieve success in business. Maybe it’s a marketing tactic, like learning how to do a product launch. Maybe it’s learning FB ads. Maybe it’s creating your first online course.

Whatever you *think* the one thing you need is – I’m here to tell you, that’s not the way success works. Not in business. Not in life.

Here’s how it really works (understanding this concept has driven my success for the past 10 years).

In today’s video you’ll learn:

  • What my aquarium can literally show you about this “law of success”
  • Why there’s no “one thing” that can give you all the results you want
  • What success really is (and why this is how it’s always been in nature)
  • The reason you can have almost everything you need for success and still FAIL (make sure this doesn’t happen to you!)
  • And much more …


Patricia van der Heijden

My key elements are: -1 Enough Sleep -2 Eat healthy -3 Work-out So I gain as much energy as possible for -4 Organize my family-life and 5 my business

Tiberio Barcelos

Good stuff James, I read & watch all your posts. I appreciate you & your insights. Keep it up, my guides approve lol.


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